There is No Substitute
For Authentic
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True Wood Beams

There is no substitute for authentic

True Wood Beams is dedicated to providing premium quality, authentic, custom wood beams for both residential and commercial interiors.  Our founder and master craftsman, Matthew Gross, has been providing decorative wood finishing and custom interior woodworking to both residential and commercial clients for over 30 years.

True Wood Beams has a wide variety of wood species to choose from.  All species are available unfinished or stained with one of our 4 standard stain colors, and can be distreesed as little or as much as you prefer.  The addition of our hand-crafted, True Wood Beams to your home can result in a finished product that exudes both class and elegance. Learn More…

  • Foam

  • Formed Using A Mold

  • Similar Appearances

  • Confined to sizes offered


  • Real Wood

  • Hand-crafted

  • Each & every true wood beam is unique

  • Custom sizing available

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